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*Titles and Organizations are for identification purposes only

East Bay Times

OakPAC, Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Elected Officials

Honorable Jerry Brown, Former Mayor, Oakland and Former Governor, California

Honorable Libby Schaaf, Mayor, Oakland

Honorable Noel Gallo, Member, Oakland City Council District 5

Honorable Larry Reid, Member, Oakland City Council District 7

Jody London, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 1

Aimee Eng, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 2

Jumoke Hinton-Hodge, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 3

Gary Yee, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 4

Shanthi Gonzales, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 6

James Harris, Director, Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 7

Principals and Former Principals*

Karen Schreiner, Principal, Think College Now

Eleanor Alderman, Principal, International Community

Tierre Mesa, Principal, Urban Promise Academy

Eugene Stovall, Principal, Fruitvale Elementary

Anita Iverson-Comelo, Principal, Bridges Academy

Lindzey Tassano, Principal, ASCEND

Nicki Fox, Principal, Learning Without Limits

Julissa Lambert-Yank, Principal, Acorn Woodland Elementary

Kilian Betlach, Principal, Elmhurst United

Jessica Cannon, Principal, Chabot Elementary School

Dennis Guikema, Principal, Sankofa United

Joci Kelleher, Principal, Crocker Highlands

Natasha Moore, Principal, REACH Academy

Zarina Ahmad, Principal, Piedmont Elementary

Emily Rasmussen, Asst. Principal, Oakland Unified

Amy Carozza, Principal, Coliseum College Prep

Deitra Atkins, Former Principal Glenview Elementary

Moyra Contreras, Former Principal Melrose Leadership Academy

Matin Abdel-Qawi, Former Principal Oakland High School

Cliff Hong, Former Principal, Roosevelt Middle School

Geoff Vu, Former Principal, ROOTS International Academy

Allison Henkel, Former Principal, Think College Now

Claire Fisher, Former Principal, Urban Promise Academy

Laura Robell, Former Principal, Elmhurst College Prep

Carmelita Reyes, Former Principal, Oakland International

Eve Gordon, Former Principal, MetWest High School

Sheilagh Andujar, Former Principal, Oakland Tech

Katherine Carter, Former Principal, Manzinita SEED & Oakland SOL

Nancy Bloom, Former Principal, Skyline High School & Montclair Elementary School

David Silver, Former Principal, Think College Now

Eyana Spencer, Former Principal, Manzanita Community School

Nima Tahai, Former Principal, Garfield Elementary School

Community Members*

George Holland, Oakland NAACP President

David Kakishiba, Executive Director, East Bay Asian Youth Center

Chris Iglesias, CEO, Unity Council

Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, CEO, Latino Community Foundation

Lakisha Young, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Oakland REACH

Viola Gonzales, Former Executive Director AnewAmerica Community Corporation and Latino Community Foundation

Cynthia Adams, Education Advocate

Esperanza Aguilar, Family Coordinator, Acorn Woodland Elementary

Andrea Dawson, Chairperson of OUSD Citizens Oversight Committee

Al Attles III, Director, Al Attles Center for Excellence

Sam Ames, LGBTQ Family and Community Advocate 

Dr. Louise Waters, Superintendent, Leadership Public Schools (retired), OUSD Chief Academic Officer (retired)

Dirk Tillotson, Great School Voices

Jenna Stauffer, Former CEO, Lighthouse Community Public Schools

Ay'Anna Moody, Education Advocate

Jill Habig, Former Special Counsel to Kamala Harris

*Titles listed for identification purposes only

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